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 Server update

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Server update Empty
PostSubject: Server update   Server update EmptyFri May 31, 2013 2:25 pm

1 of the problems was that after updating the server to 1.1.2 the server wouldnt start, it didnt give any errors it just got stuck/froze on loading mods, after trying for hours i uploaded a fresh world and serer started, so to solve that issue i had to delete the world so it'll be a complete wipeout the issue that made me quit yesterday was that the server was crashing every 3-5 minutes trhowing entity ticking errors after searching about it all fixes didnt work, that where i gave in and said fuck ftb.

after clearing my head for 5-8 hours i decided to gave it a try and found out that a plugin automaticlly updated to its 1.5.2 version, since 1.5.2 has blocks that we dont have in 1.4.7 i decided to disable the plugin and after 1-2 hours of testing it didnt crash, so just to make sure it was the plugin i loaded it again and after 2-3 minutes it crashed, now that thats been fixed im gona get the server ready today {i wanted to try and fix the quaries reseting after restarts but i didnt find a fix so fuck it you'll just have to live with it}
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Server update
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