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Infinity MC
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 H3yCharlie Whitelist application

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H3yCharlie Whitelist application Empty
PostSubject: H3yCharlie Whitelist application   H3yCharlie Whitelist application EmptySat Jun 01, 2013 2:57 am

Ingame Name: H3yCharlie
Age: 14
Mod Experience: A few monthes, I like SC2, and MPS.
About Yourself: Ehh, pretty boring life, good personality, sense of humo(u)r
How long have you played minecraft?: A few years now
Do you / Will you use Teamspeak: No, because my family are REALLY loud, and can be disruptive.
Have you been banned before?: Yes
If so why?: It was a misclick while holding a highly enchanted pick, and I broke a block, I couldn't replace it, and then I got banned for a day, until I told them it was an accident, and told them the story, TL;DR, false ban.

Thanks for reading!

Also, I WAS on the server, with some basic stuff, but then Ultimate updated, and I couldn't log on.
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H3yCharlie Whitelist application
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