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 Moderator Application

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PostSubject: Moderator Application   Moderator Application EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 7:58 pm

Zachary Gundersen
I have been admin on a server 5 times.
I want to be promoted because, I am nice, responsible and skilled in buildcraft and I think I can be a good help.
I will help InfinityMC develop by:
Being a nice staff member,very helpful as well. I can help people if they are being griefed to rebuild it and ban the griefer. I will make sure everyone who joins the server by the end of the day say "Im going to go on the server again tommorow!"I will make sure nobody scams anyone.If another staff member ever needs help with a certain mod I will help them A.S.A.P. And if someone is bored I will do something like a scavenger hunt. If it is ok with you a drop party every certain number of players or votes. I am very responsible so I can take care of anything you would need me too such as being on the server while your gone. I am on the server 2-4 or more hours a day so I can make the server a scam-grief free server while I or you are on.
This is my favorite server meaning I will
not leave the server and go to another one as well not returning to InfinityMC.
I can advertise the server on websites such as PlanetMineCraft or
I will build a lot while I am on the server, Such as a town (if you give me permission).
If a player is bored I would do something fun like adventure in the twilight with them and fight the twilight bosses.
I would really like moderator for these reasons.
I could stop griefers-I could stop scammers. And it would be fun to do.
I agree to the rules.
I have not been banned before. I will use teamspeak sometimes. I have played minecraft for 4 years
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Moderator Application
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