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 My application for your server.

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My application for your server. Empty
PostSubject: My application for your server.   My application for your server. EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 10:36 pm

Ingame Name: cncwarlord
Mod Experience:I've played with various mods over my roughly two year mod'd minecraft experience, including rp2, ic2, bc, thaumcraft, ee2-3,Applied Energistics etc etc blah blah blah
About Yourself:I like to think im a fairly mature player.
How long have you played minecraft?: Like three or four years. Deffinitely three or more.
Do you / Will you use Teamspeak: I can if i have to. I dont want to, but if it is required I can.
Have you been banned before?: Nope.

If so why?:
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My application for your server.
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