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Infinity MC
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 KingLoki White-list app

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KingLoki White-list app Empty
PostSubject: KingLoki White-list app   KingLoki White-list app EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 2:57 am

Ingame Name:KingLoki
Mod Experience:not so much
About Yourself:i just be chillin minding my own me and my brother visited the server once and we enjoyed it no griefing good admins people who help out the new guys alot of things i like about this server
How long have you played minecraft?:5 years
Do you / Will you use Teamspeak yes i have my own teamspeak and i will use the servers ts if its allowed
Have you been banned before?:no
If so why?:
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KingLoki White-list app
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