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Infinity MC
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 How to use Cheat Engine

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How to use Cheat Engine Empty
PostSubject: How to use Cheat Engine   How to use Cheat Engine EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 5:02 pm

Okay to start off we need to download Cheat Engine :3
Cheat Engine Download

now install it and open it :O it will ask you if u wanna do the tutorial click YES
cause this is what where doing now :3
first we start off hit the little computer process thing and open tutorial


Okay now you beat the first level!! CONGRATS!!!! Very Happy YAY!!!!!
okay next level is just as easy belive mei
level 2:
we need to find a value of your Health so what we do is we put the number of health points (hp) you have into your search
and press scan
you most likely will get alot of adresses


So All you have to do to find your adress is press HIT ME and your hp will change so just put that into the scan and press
next scan Keep doing so untill you have 1 adress then double click it and it will show up on the bottom


Level 3:
this one is a little different it dose not tell you the exact number so we need to start with a value we dont know
dont worry its easier then it sounds start by selecting Value between for scan type and putting


now its a little different to narrow down we want to hit the HIT ME button like normal
but we also want to change the scan type to Decresed value
keep getting hit and scanning till you only have 1 number
(tip:if you see how much u get hit by it makes life easier by pressing decrese by (so much) )


so Same thing change the value to what it says and your good to go

Level 4:
okay this level is the same thing as the first one except the type of value it is is difrent
instead of 4bit theirs float and double so same thing just change to float or double you need to find both
and change them to continue


-will add more la8r to tyred to now-

All tutorial 100% credit EvilNegi

Wanna see what i look like? sick of people asking me so heres a picture
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How to use Cheat Engine
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