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Infinity MC
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 How to Start Playing InfinityMC

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How to Start Playing InfinityMC Empty
PostSubject: How to Start Playing InfinityMC   How to Start Playing InfinityMC EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 6:57 pm

Lets begin im going to teach you how to jump right into the game!

please be sure first off you apply in the Server Request Section
only when you have been accepted may you join the server

We are going to need to Install Mystcraft and install GregTech Configs
And later down the road maby more mods
You can download Mystcraft and Configs here -
GregTech Config

Okay now To install it
First open Feed the Beast
then click on MindCrack "Be sure to run the game one time before trying to install the mod"

How to Start Playing InfinityMC Clickmindcrack_zpsfcbec629

Now click the Edit Modpack Button

How to Start Playing InfinityMC EditModpack_zps3da84f4a

Next click Open Folder Button and Drag Mystcraft Into this folder

How to Start Playing InfinityMC Dragmystcraft_zpscfbd2cab

Now finaly back out to Minecraft folder and navigate into Config Then Gregtech folder
How to Start Playing InfinityMC Backoutonefolder_zps489d363e
How to Start Playing InfinityMC Gregtechconfigs_zpsb6b7a717

After you have put the Config into the folder Just start the game Your GOOD TO GO!
The server ip again is

And remember to have lots of fun and obey the rules

Wanna see what i look like? sick of people asking me so heres a picture
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How to Start Playing InfinityMC
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